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Providing you with a first-class array of medical instruments, the correct blend of quality and technology would enable you to yield exceptional results, perpetually!

Welcome to our company

Medicine has evolved into a unique manner over the past decades. With the degree of advancement in this field, one can receive treatment and cure for almost everything. But then finding a certified batch of instruments is not that easy. This is why we, at Ananya & Ananya Distributors are filling the Indian markets with a robust and accurate set of devices which would yield you with promising results after every use. Incorporated in the year 2000 as a Trader and Supplier, we have read the market trends carefully and are thus catering to the same in a promising manner. From Catheter Mount and Measured Volume Burette Sets to Examination Polyethylene Gloves and Urotheral Catheter, one can find each and every device which is required by modern-day hospitals and clinics, under our roof. Structurally built to a level of perfection, our commodities surpass the safety standards that are laid down by well-established medical organizations.

Array of Products

Tested on a number of efficiency, reliability and quality-related parameters, our institution has made it a point to see that every instrument which leaves our warehouse is of A-grade quality. The various items which we deal in include-
  • Anesthesia Machines
  • Baby-Vac Set
  • Bain Circuit
  • Bandage
  • Bed Pan
  • Blood Administration Set
  • Blood Donor Set
  • Breathing Filter
  • Catheter Mount
  • Chest Drainage Bottle
  • Chest Drainage Catheter
  • Chest Drainage Kit
  • Colostomy Kit
  • Corrugated Drainage Sheet
  • Disposable Cap
  • Disposable Face Mask
  • Disposable Hiv Kit
  • Disposable Hypodermic Needle
  • Disposable Mask
  • Disposable Syringe
  • Endotracheal Tube, L. P. Spinal Needle
  • Exam Gloves
  • Examination Polyethylene Gloves
  • Examination Rubber Gloves
  • Extension Tube
  • Female Catheter
  • Foley Balloon Catheter
  • Gastroenterology Instruments
  • Gibbon's Catheter [Male & Female]
  • Gloves
  • Guedel Airway
  • High Concentration Oxygen Mask
  • Hospital Cotton & Syringe
  • Infant Feeding Tube
  • Infant Mucus Extractor
  • Infusion & Transfusion Instruments
  • Infusion Set
  • Injection Stopper
  • Iv Flow Regulator
  • Karman Cannula
  • Latex Surgical Gloves
  • Water & Sand Weight Bag
  • Levin's Tube Gastro Duodenal Feeding Tube
  • Luer Lock, A.V. Fistula Needle
  • Male External Catheter
  • Measured Volume Burette Set
  • Medi Adk, Medi Drain
  • Miscellaneous Products
  • Nasal Oxygen Catheter
  • Nebulizer Mask
  • Needles
  • Nelaton Catheter
  • Oxygen Mask
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Transfusion Set
  • Rectal Catheter
  • Respiratory Exerciser
  • Ryle's Tube
  • Scalp Vein Set
  • Sputum Cup
  • Stomach Tube
  • Suction Catheter
  • Surgery Equipments
  • T-Oxygenator
  • T-Pc For Nebulizer
  • T.U.R. Set
  • Three Way Stopcock Pressure Monitoring Line
  • Three Way Stopcock With Extension Tube
  • Tracheostomy Tube [Cuffed & Plain],Medi-Vac Set
  • Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Set
  • Umbilical Catheter
  • Umbilical Cord Clamp
  • Urine Collecting Bag
  • Urine Collecting Bag With Measured Volume Chamber [Uro Count]
  • Urine Culture Bottle
  • Urine Pot
  • Urology Devices
  • Urotheral Catheter
  • Vacuum Suck Suction Set
  • Veinfix I.V. Cannula Fixation
  • Veinfix Intravenous Cannula
  • Ventilator Breathing Circuit
  • Venturi Mask [Multi Flow]Single Dial Venturi Mask

Our Team

Every institution needs a flock of professionals who would work with determination and thus take the firm to new heights of attainment. Our establishment is fortunate to have some of the most adept and forward-looking researchers working for them. Giving a special mention to our quality checking professionals, these experts use their expertise and select the best vendors in this Indian market. After securing such devices, they test every one of them to see to it that they outmatch the laid down standards.

Or vendor base

When we talk about a Trading company, it is very important for one to be supported by a certified and trustworthy batch of vendors. The procurement team of our business do a thorough research of the market and they obtain our required needs from only those manufacturers who use the most cutting-edge technology for their production process. These reliable batch of providers use nothing but an A-one set of raw materials, and see to it that they come up with a durable set of Catheter Mount and Measured Volume Burette Sets.